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Our local SEO services and data-driven content marketing make sure that your customers find you on Google.

97% of people search online for local services.
 92% of them end up buying from a business in the top 10 search results.

Local SEO Services

Search engine optimisation for your local market

The goal of local SEO is to rank higher than your competitors in Google searches with keywords that are related to your location, so that your business shows up first both on Google and Google Maps. It is one of the best long-term marketing investments you can do, especially if you are a service-based business.

Our local SEO campaigns focus on silo-based keyword targeting, data-driven content optimisation, and obtaining backlinks from websites near every geographic area that you serve. Location-based relevance is the most important ranking factor, so we make link building through local PR our top priority.

  1. Local Market Research

    We start by researching how people use search engines to find services similar to yours. Keyword research and analysis of the currently top-ranking search results help us lay the foundation for your local SEO campaign.

  2. Local Competitor Analysis

    We take a closer look at the factors that make your main competitors successful in search. Based on the gathered insights, we develop a local SEO strategy to outrank them.

  3. Local SEO Strategy

    We create a roadmap to achieve the full potential of your local SEO strategy, with clearly set milestones on a 12 month timeline. We carefully track and optimise the campaign on a daily basis to make sure your online visibility and site traffic is trending in the right direction, and report the results to you for full transparency.

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