Conlumina is a Berlin-based digital studio, providing everything from custom websites and web apps to effective copywriting, media production, and online marketing. As a full-service agency, we can take your project from concept to product to market in a harmonious, uninterrupted design-build process.

Digital strategy by Conlumina


In an ever-shifting digital landscape, staying one step ahead has become increasingly difficult. We can help you create a sustainable digital strategy that meets both customer demand and stays true to your business vision while increasing profitability and staying competitive.
Digital design by Conlumina


From typography and color to visual composition, we create lovely user experiences and smooth, fully responsive designs that look great on every screen and every browser. We have crafted modern, user-friendly digital designs for over 20 years.
Web Development by Conlumina


Whether it's a quick fix on the frontend or a complex backend operation, we take pride in our code. At every level, we combine efficiency, elegance, and brilliance to develop code that is clean, modular, and maintainable. With more than 10 years of experience, we make it good.
Content production by Conlumina


With more than 20 years experience of professional content creation, we know how to make your visibility, traffic, and conversion rates soar. Through the creation of original, high-quality content, we can help you achieve the full potential of your online marketing, branding, and SEO strategies.
Online marketing by Conlumina


Your new thing is ready. Now the real work begins. Through enthusiastic promotion across all your social media channels, email and online marketing campaigns, careful data analysis, and regular iteration, we can make your product launch successfully and thrive for years to come.
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Featured Projects


How we helped a global leader in sterilization and infection control solutions create a fresh web presence, strengthen their brand, and stay atop of rising competition.

Praun & Guermouche

How we helped an artists' publishing platform establish a pixel-perfect online presence, and an e-commerce store to sell their books.

Artist Run Alliance

How we gave a global non-profit organisation a fresh start on the web.

Faethon + Aiolos

Building an automated online store for the publishing house Faethon, and a twin site for their journal Aiolos.

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Why choose us?

As a small creative agency, we can offer you fast and friendly service, and an intensely iterative collaboration through all development stages. We can fill a specific role in your team or nurture your project from concept to completion. We deliver on time and within budget, and are committed to providing you a polished, thought-through product. One that can stand out and make a difference.
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What clients say

“Fabian was and still is a pleasure to work with, filled with good will and a positive vibe, always giving us a safe feeling that he knows what he's doing. We are thankful from the bottom of our hearts to have met him and for having him with us on board.”
Adi Levy, Product Manager, Artist Run Alliance
“We had a very specific vision of what our website should look and feel like. Conlumina really went out of their way to realise it in every little detail, and then some. We couldn’t be happier with the result!”
Sandra Praun, Praun & Guermouche
“Finally, we have a website we no longer have to feel ashamed about. The site looks great and works even better than we had hoped for – we're so proud of the end result.”
Håkan Trygger, Faethon + Aiolos
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