die deutSCHule

Translation and content writing for the German language school die deutSCHule

die deutSCHule

  • Translation
  • Content writing
  • SEO

die deutSCHule is one of the most popular German language schools in Berlin, located in the heart of trendy Berlin-Neukölln.

We partnered with die deutSCHule to provide a SEO-friendly translation of their new website from German into English. Apart from the actual website, the work included around 20 landing pages, with full-page articles on subjects like life, work, and culture in Berlin and Germany.

After reviewing the original German texts, we suggested taking on a creative, adaptive approach rather than a literal, to make the texts more appealing to an English-speaking audience. Naturally, we let a third-party proofreading service review our translations to ensure top-quality.

die deutSCHule was so happy with the result, they asked us to write an additional batch of landing pages directly in English.

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