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How we crafted a simple yet effective one-pager for an internationally sought after plastic surgeon.

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Plastic Surgery Website Design

One-Pager Website Design for Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Handl is a plastic surgeon, internationally renowned for his expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. As part of an overhaul of his extensive online presence, including the websites Aesthetic Clinic, BTX, and Pure Care, we crafted this simple yet effective one-pager for his Dubai practice.

The clean and professional design provides an immediate understanding of the services offered.

Clear and accessible ‘Book Appointment’ buttons are strategically placed for ease of scheduling.

The interactive element where users can select their body region to explore treatment options provides a personalised experience.

Testimonials, awards, and authentic patient photos help to build trust and provide insights into potential outcomes.

At the bottom we placed an inviting, well-structured contact form which is likely to encourage user interaction.

Dr. Handl’s credentials and the site’s polished design contribute to the practice’s credibility, reinforcing trust with prospective patients.

The clean-coded website has great technical performance, in line with our unparalleled pagespeed guarantee, and is fully accessible, providing keyboard control for all components.

Carbon Impact

Only 0.09g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this web page. This is cleaner than 91% of all web pages globally.

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Absolutely perfect care and great work. The websites run perfectly and the performance on Google is sensational.

– Dr. Markus Handl, Business Owner
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