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How we helped a new skincare brand to a successful launch of their online shop, as clean and sustainable as their products.

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Launching Pure Care Skincare Brand & Web Shop

Pure Care, a new line of skincare products, represents a fusion of medical expertise and pure, sustainably sourced ingredients. Developed by the Austrian cosmetic surgeon Dr. Handl and a team of cosmetics experts, Pure Care emphasises vegan, halal, and cruelty-free formulations, catering to conscious consumers in the DACH region and beyond.

Challenges Faced

Pure Care needed a comprehensive online and offline marketing strategy to effectively launch the brand and promote its values of purity, sustainability, and expertise.

To showcase the skincare line and facilitate online sales, Pure Care required a user-friendly website and online shop that reflected the brand’s ethos and provided a seamless shopping experience.

To enhance the user experience for non-EU visitors, the web shop needed to support multiple currencies based on geolocation.

In addition to product sales, the website needed to feature an integrated booking system and information about beauty treatments offered at Dr. Handl’s clinic in Vienna, Austria, seamlessly integrating both aspects of the brand’s offerings.

Pure Care aimed for a website that was not only visually appealing but also highly accessible and optimised for performance, achieving top scores on Google PageSpeed Insights for SEO reasons.

To maximise brand visibility and drive traffic to the website, Pure Care also required print pamphlets, the development of a multi-tier affiliate program for influencer marketing on social media,  and strategic Google Ads campaigns targeting relevant audiences across various regions.

Solution Provided

Conlumina partnered with Pure Care to develop a custom WordPress theme with a modern layout, incorporating essential features such as a WooCommerce store for product sales and a user-friendly interface for beauty treatment bookings.

The website seamlessly integrated information about beauty treatments offered at Dr. Handl’s clinic, providing visitors with a holistic experience and encouraging offline engagement.

The online shop was equipped with geolocation technology to automatically display prices in multiple currencies, catering to non-EU audiences.

Various features, including a blog section, an interactive map of partner stores, and a backend system for a multi-tier affiliate marketing program, were incorporated to enhance user engagement and brand visibility.

Conlumina ensured that the website met high accessibility standards, allowing users full keyboard control, while also optimising performance to achieve a perfect 100/100 score on Google PageSpeed Insights through clean code and lightweight design.

Conlumina crafted and executed targeted Google Ads campaigns to drive traffic to the Pure Care website, optimising for relevant keywords, demographics, and geographic targeting to maximise reach and ROI.

In addition, Conlumina designed a variety of print pamphlets to be distributed at various marketing events in Europe and the Middle East.

Results Achieved

The collaborative effort between Pure Care and Conlumina resulted in a successful brand launch, effectively communicating the brand’s values and offerings to its target audience.

The user-friendly website and web shop, coupled with multi-currency support and integrated beauty clinic services, provided visitors with a seamless and engaging experience.

Pure Care’s website not only met high accessibility standards but also excelled in performance, achieving a perfect score on Google PageSpeed Insights, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and search engine visibility.

Further features such as the blog, partner store map, and affiliate marketing program contributed to increased user engagement and brand awareness, ultimately driving sales and revenue growth for Pure Care.

Strategic Google Ads campaigns led to increased website traffic and conversions, further amplifying Pure Care’s brand visibility and market presence across regions.


By partnering with Conlumina, Pure Care successfully launched its skincare brand, leveraging a comprehensive digital and print marketing strategy to reach its target audience. The custom-built website and online shop, equipped with integrated beauty clinic services, and optimised accessibility and performance, provided users with a seamless and engaging experience, resulting in increased engagement, brand visibility, and sales.

Moving forward, we continue to support Pure Care in maintaining and further enhancing its online presence and marketing activities.

Carbon Impact

Only 0.09g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this web page. That is cleaner than 91% of all web pages globally.

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Absolutely perfect care and great work. The websites run perfectly and the performance on Google is sensational.

– Dr. Markus Handl, Business Owner
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